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Carmel Grape Juice The Original "Tirosh"

Tirosh is has always been synonymous with the Carmel Winery, having been in production since before the establishment of Israel, dating back to the 1930's. Carmel's Tirosh is one of Israel's most successful brands, and each year, especially on Jewish festivals, the thousands of bottles produced will have a respected place on the table of almost every family, both in Israel and overseas.

The original Carmel Tirosh, is produced from 100% natural, refreshing grape juice – the grapes deriving from various vineyards across Israel. The grapes used for the Tirosh are of the highest standard, grown and nurtured under strict supervision in Carmel's vineyards.

The Tirosh grape juice, unlike wine, is not fermented, therefore has no alcohol present. The juice is pasteurized and produced from 100% grapes with no added sugar, color or fruit concentrate of any kind.

The grape varieties used to produce Tirosh are:
Red – Carignan, Tempranillo, & Argaman.
White: Emerald Riesling, French Colombard and Muscat Alexandria.

The renowned Carmel Tirosh has become a permanent, and much loved guest at the table in almost every traditional Israeli family household – used for not only making "Kiddush" & "Havdala", but also used by diverse communities worldwide. Tirosh can also be found in many health food stores.