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Contains alcohol - recommended to avoid excessive drinking
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Muscat Alexandria is an ancient variety from the Mediterranean. Still today, the aromatic, Muscat is still one of the most popular varieties in Israel. The combination of Muscat with Gewürztraminer grapes, known for their enticing aroma, produced an aromatic, floral, and delicate wine. The Colombard and Riesling grapes in the wine add to the acidity, and complement the unique aromas of this wine.
Type of wine
Semi-dry with 7.5 grams (per liter) residual sugar.
Muscat Alexandria (40%), Gewürztraminer (35%), Colombard (20%) and Riesling (5%).
Food pairing
A wine to enjoy on its own, or to accompany a wide range of light dishes.
Wine production
Gentle pressing followed by fermentation in stainless steel vats.
Serving recommendations
We recommend serving at a temperature of 10 ̊c.